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About Us

  • We are the one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. If it's got wheels on it, it's our speciality. We offer car repairs in Bayswater at an affordable price that will get you back on the road with minimum hassle.
  • We are locally owned and operated, and have years of experience under the bonnet. Trust us with anything from car repairs to general advice. We are your local reliable motor engineers. So next time your vehicle is not running as well as it should, you know who to call.

Bayswater Mechanic | Brake & Clutch Services | Car Repairs & Service

Bayswater drivers want a smooth unstoppable ride, and we, at Malone Mick Service Centre, are here to give you just that. With years of experience, trained and certified mechanic and a competitive turnaround time, we will give your car a service you will not find anywhere else in Bayswater.

Our services in Bayswater include:

  • Brake Service
  • Car service
  • Mechanics
  • Tyres

Brake & Clutch Service Bayswater

Brake and clutch are the most important control devices of your car, which should be handled with care and by only trained professionals. Your car may pull to one side when braking; the engine may vibrate; knocking or grinding noises maybe produced; brake pedal may sink to the car floor or it might get hard to manoeuvre it. All these are symptoms of a faulty brake. 

At Malone Mick, we will examine the front and rear brakes, brake fluid, replacement of parts as well as conducting a general examination of your ride to ensure your safety devices are in perfect condition. Same goes for clutches. Your clutch may be displaying all the signs mentioned for brakes or worst, the shifting of gears can get faulty which can be perilous to one’s life. So, quit stalling your brake, clutch examination, and get it examined by Malone Mick today!

Car Service Bayswater

Car service means a comprehensive examination of all parts and repair or replacement of any that require it. Most of the work is technical and not understood by a regular driver. This means there is a lot of room for the servicer to rip you off. We, at Malone Mick will ensure that nothing of the sort happens. Leave your car and all your worries with us. We will completely service your car at an economical rate and ensure 100% satisfaction. Since we are at Bayswater, your service will be serviced in no time.

Mechanics Bayswater

Bayswater drivers, there is no reason for you to fear automotive problems any more. Malone Mick has the best professionals who have had years of experience and are constantly updating themselves with the knowledge required to fix any type and make of car. These mechanics will check your car from bumper to bonnet and advise the best solutions for any problems your car might have. Repairs or replacements, whatever they may be, our mechanics are on top of the game to fix any sort of problem.

Tyres Bayswater

There has been a trend of accidents on Australian roads, especially in the holiday season. People often neglect their tyres while getting their car serviced and that result in a number of fatalities. Along with the multiple car services we provide, we also sell tyres of many brands at very reasonable prices. We often have discount deals too, so you can benefit from them upon inquiry. If there is a blowout or puncture, then we are the ones to call upon. We recommend you to check your tyres every two weeks so as to spot any anomaly and have it fixed right away. And if you are in Bayswater, then come to Malone Mick for all your tyre needs.