Mechanic in Croydon offers brake & clutch and car services

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Croydon residents, Malone Mick is in town to handle all your automotive problems. We love cars and we love fixing them for you. Repairs or general advice – we have it all covered! Our years of experience coupled with certified and trained personnel will give your car the service it deserves. We provide all of that and more within competitive rates and fastest turnaround time. Call us now to inquire about our services for your car:

Brake and Clutch Service Croydon

The brake and clutch systems are vital for your safety and a smooth driving experience. In Croydon, the only place that can help you make the most of your car by maintaining your brake and clutch system is Malone Mick. If your brakes and clutch are creating a grinding noise; the car is vibrating on brake application; the brake light is illuminating making you panic; or if it is getting harder to press the brakes and clutch; then your car is screaming out for help. We, at Malone Mick, will perform a thorough examination of your system to identify any problems; repair any parts that need repairing or replace the ones that cannot be salvaged. We will even road test your car to guarantee no loopholes or negligence. Contact us now and get your car up and running in no time!

Car Service Croydon

Car service does not have to a pricey and long process at Croydon. You have Malone Mick at your service now. Come to us with any car problem, be it repairs or replacement. We will ensure quality service and standard industry work. Our trained professionals have the highest code of conduct and they understand how valuable your car is to you. They will ensure satisfactory results at a good price and you will not have to worry about any hiccups during your drives anymore. We all work in-house and thus, it is quicker and cheaper for you. Call us now for an appointment or just come walking in for an opinion!

Mechanics Croydon

Does your car in Croydon need attention? Is there a particular problem you want fixed or do you want a full service check-up? Whichever it is, come to Malone Mick; we have a team of highly skilled and experienced mechanics who are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to take care of your automobile for you. If your car needs tuning, maintenance, electrical work, breakdown repair, fault finding, recondition diffs or recondition cylinder heads, our boys guarantee 100% satisfaction in the quickest turnaround time.

Tyres Croydon

The tyres need as much attention as the exterior of your car. Hundreds of accidents happen due to worn out or bald tyres. You can prevent them through proper over hauling of your tyres . Come to Malone Mick for all brands under one roof and in reasonable prices. No matter what kind of car you have, we guarantee you excellent variety and customer service, or the make. Call us now for a consult!

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