Car Repairs & Service in Ferntree Gully

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Residents of Ferntree Gully, are you tired of rip-offs who offer half the automotive service and charge a full bill? Well, worry no more since Malone Mick is in the town for all your car repair and service needs. We have experienced trained personnel and competitive quotes; thus, everything you need to get your vehicle up and running in no time. Call us now for an opinion on your ride! Our services include:

Brake & Clutch Service Ferntree Gully

Brakes are an essential safety device of your car, which should be maintained regularly and only tampered with by trained mechanics. When in Ferntree Gully, your best option is coming to Malone Mick. Get your car’s brakes examined for proper working of the brakes.

Are you experiencing that your car pulls to one side when braking; the engine is vibrating a little too much; knocking or grinding noises are being produced; brake pedal are sinking to the car floor or extra effort is required to apply brakes? All these are signs that your brakes need repair or one of its parts needs replacement. At Malone Mick, we examine your brakes for you thoroughly. We promise to provide an efficient inspection of the front and rear brakes, hydraulic components, repair recommendations, brake light inspection, etc. Call us now and get an opinion right away!

Car Service Ferntree Gully

When in Ferntree Gully, look nowhere else but at Malone Mick for all your car needs. Your car needs regular maintenance so that the parts are detected before they are burnt out and be replaced, or repaired. In addition, in case a part needs replacement, we offer to provide you quality industry standard parts, and not junk. Our team comprises of trained professionals who follow the highest quality standards and make your convenience their priority. Call us now for an advanced scheduling of your service! You will not regret coming to us!

Mechanics Ferntree Gully

We, at Ferntree Gully, know that you love your car to bits, and that you would not have just about anyone tampering with it. Your car deserves a trained professional to examine it and fix its parts. At Malone Mick, we have just the men at your service. We always invest in our mechanics by equipping them with the latest tools and knowledge for every kind and make of car. They will inform you of the overall condition of the car and advise any repairs or replacements in the short-term or in the long-term. Call us now for a consult.

Tyres Ferntree Ferntree Gully

Did you know the three reasons why maintaining tyre pressure is important? The first is safety because over and under inflation can lead to poor handling of the vehicle on road. The second reason is economy. Tyres with poor pressure need to be replaced more frequently. The third reason is fuel efficiency. We bet you did not know this and much more about your car tyres. This leads to negligence of your tyres, which are directly related to your ride as well as safety.

Come to Malone Mick and get your tyres fixed or replaced. We have all brands at reasonable prices that will truly alter your driving experience. Call us now and inquire about the make and type of your car, and we will recommend you appropriate tyres accordingly.

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