Car Mechanic in The Basin offers brake & clutch services

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Malone Mick is expanding its services in Australia, and we have chosen the Basin to be one of our chosen areas. Say goodbye to all your car problems and the long bills that came with them. We, at Malone Mick will provide excellent service that are not only prompt and quick, but also ensure 100% satisfaction. That is what long years of experience has taught us. Visit us soon for a car consult! Our services in the Basin include:

Brake and Clutch Service The Basin

The brake system of your car has many components, like master cylinder, brake pedal, disc calliper, brake fluid lines, brake fluid itself, brake shoes and drums. They all need careful handling and maintenance to ensure safety and a smooth drive. If your car pulsates on brake application, the warning light is illuminating; it is getting hard to apply brakes or if the brakes are getting spongy, then all these are signs calling out to you to get your car checked.

The Basin drivers come to Malone Mick for an economical and comprehensive examination of the brake system. The clutch is equally important. Is the engagement or disengagement of the clutch abnormal? You smell something burning? Or do you see some fluid under your vehicle? All these are symptoms of a faulty clutch and should be addressed right away for safety. We do all of the work in-house, and this allows us to charge you less, ensuring quality throughout. We, at Mick Malone are waiting for your call!

Car Service The Basin

Car servicing is a lengthy process requiring technical expertise and thorough examination. A half-baked job by an amateur will not do any good. If anything, it will mislead you into thinking that your car is perfectly alright when it actually needs attention and servicing. Do not waste your car parts by neglecting them and spending hundreds of bucks for incomplete and unprofessional service. Why do all that when you have Malone Mick in The Basin now? Call us today for a thorough check of your car as well as any repair or replacement of parts. We do industry standard work and your post-service experience will tell you that.

Mechanics The Basin

Malone Mick is a one-stop mechanical work shop which will take care of your car in The Basin. Our mechanics are the best in class. Our team is experienced and equipped with the latest technology and has proper knowledge to fix and service all kinds of cars, be it local cars or Japanese ones. We take out time and listen to your needs. We are proud to state that our way of performing a thorough examination of your car will truly satisfy you. In addition, we offer you our advice, whether it is regarding any short-term or long-term servicing for your car. Call us now for advanced scheduling of a service!

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